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The Philippine Dog Athletics Association

The Philippine Dog Athletics Association (PDAA)  currently accepts affiliate membership applications from organizations and individuals that share the common vision of promoting the various dogs sports in the country.

We accept INDIVIDUAL, GROUP, and CORPORATE Affiliate Memberships.


Requirements for Affiliate Membership



  1. Application form

  2. A 2x2 photo 

  3. Photocopy of a government issued ID/School ID


Affiliate Non-Corporate Membership (GROUP)

  1. Application form

  2. List of members with address, age, and contact numbers

  3. An information sheet about the group,  stating therein their objectives and purpose,  the officers of the group,  and the mode of electing their officers.  Said written constitution/by-laws must be signed by at least five of the members.


Affiliate CORPORATE Membership

  1. Application form signed by the President or Secretary of the organization

  2. List of members with address, age, and contact numbers

  3. A copy of the constitution and by-laws of the organization (SEC registered)​


Upon acceptance, groups and individuals shall then be considered affiliated members of PDAA.

The Board shall have total discretion to approve, or otherwise, any application with the Board’s decision final and non-appealable. If not approved, applicants may reapply after one year without prejudice.

f you are interested in membership please fill up the application form on the right. We will get back to you right away.

Join the largest dog sports association in the Philippines
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