K9 Nosework Competition

PDAA's first K9 Nosework competition to be held in Cebu, this competition offers an exciting venue for dogs & their trainers to test their scent detection skills in real-world settings with blind (location unknown to the handler) hides set in timed searches representing each of three elements of competition: container, exterior, and vehicle. With the distraction presented by a crowded mall, this is a challenge too good to pass up!


  • Minimum age of dog is six (6) months to compete

  • All searches will be done inside Park Mall.

  • Search teams will be in a holding area before and after each search.

  • Three elements of competition:

    • Box work - The target scent will be in one of twelve (12) identical boxes arranged in a circle. Dog and handler will enter from either side of the circle and proceed to the start line in the middle of the circle. Upon the judge's signal, the team may start their search from either side of the circle going clockwise or counterclockwise.

    • Vehicle search - The target scent will be hidden in the exterior of the vehicle to be searched. Winner does NOT get to bring home the vehicle.

    • Simulated outdoor search - Dog will be required to search for the scent in a simulated garden set up inside the mall.

  • Target odor for all searches is McCormick's vanilla extract

  • Timed search, fastest time wins.

  • Handler must indicate find by raising his hand and saying "Finish!" to indicate completion of the search and to stop the time.

  • The dog is not required to exhibit any specific alert behavior for the alert to be valid. The judge however will be looking for a change in behavior in the dog.