The 2019 PDAA Steeplechase Tournament

Highlighting the 4th Philippine Dog Sport Competition, is the P10,000 Steeplechase, an exciting two-round competitive tournament event that puts emphasis on speed and fluency in a jumpers style course. Competitors must go through a qualifying round and only the top qualifiers will get the chance to compete in the championship round for placement and prize money. Dogs of ANY level may join this tournament.

  • Two round competitive tournament

    • Round 1 – Qualifiers

    • Round 2 - Championship

  • Top competitors advance to final round to compete for placements and prize money

  • Each round will have a different judge, different course.

  • Emphasis on SPEED – fluency in a jumpers style course

  • Dogs of any level may join

  • Standard scoring rules for the Starters level class as set forth in Chapter 5 of USDAA rules and regulations shall apply, with the exception of:

    • Competition shall be run on jumpers-style courses including between 17 and 20 obstacles that include primarily hurdles and tunnels, with at least two spread hurdles, a long jump, an A-frame and a minimum of 12 weave poles. Either the A-Frame or weave poles shall be performed twice.

    • Scoring in each round shall be on a time plus faults basis, with a five-point penalty added to a competitor’s performance time for each occurrence of a fallen hurdle or missed contact

    • Running the wrong course shall be defined under Masters rules as set forth in Chapter 3 of USDAA rules and regulations and shall be scored as an “Elimination”

    • Course design guidelines for the Masters Jumpers class shall generally apply. Course design should establish flow throughout that encourages speed.

    • A Qualifying Score is based upon a formula that defines a “Qualification Standard” in Round 1 at a local qualifying event and regional championship, as follows:

      • When there are five or more Championship competitors actually competing in the 10”, 14”, or 16” height classes, or seven or more competitors in the 20”, 22” or 24” height classes, a competitor with a score within 25% of the average of the top three scores in the height class shall qualify.

      • When there are fewer than the minimum number of competitors specified above for averaging of the top three competitors scores, the maximum qualifying score shall be determined for each height class by multiplying the top score for that class by 1.25. (By default, when only one competitor in a height class has a score, the competitor qualifies.)

  • There shall be no handler substitutions permitted in Round 2 (i.e., the competitor running in Round 2 must be the same handler of the dog that earned the Round 1 qualification

  • The competitor earning the lowest score (i.e., the fastest time after faults have been added) in the finals shall be the winner. Should a tie occur, a runoff shall be held, with each competitor running on the same or similar course, until a winner is determined.