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BLUE BAY WALK, Pasay City, Philippines

May 30 & 31, 2015

The PDAA IronDog Challenge is the Philippines’ first dogathlon. Top human-dog teams from all over the country will compete for honors in three dog sporting events – AGILITY, DISC DOG, and DOCK DIVING. Performance is judged on a point system in each event, as determined by the position achieved. The winner of the IronDog title is determined by the combined performance in all three events. 


Competitors may compete in one, two, or all three events but the IronDog title is only available to those that participate in ALL three disciplines. First, second, and third place medals will be awarded for each of the three events.


Back to back with the PDAA Iron Dog Challenge is the Donato O. Poblador Agility CupThe DOP Agility Cup is the most prestigious dog agility event in Philippine dog sports. Named after Donnie Poblador, the father of dog agility in the Philippines, the DOP Cup is also a PDAA titling event. Participants may compete to qualify for Starters, Advanced, and Masters titles, plus a new, non-qualifying Intro level for first-time competitors. Medals will be awarded for first, second, and third places in small, medium, and large dog categories, plus the coveted DOP Cup for the top dogs in the competition. Events include Standard Agility, Jumpers, Team Relay and Gamblers. 



PDAA IronDog Challenge

IRON DOG Agility

  • Features only one standard agility course for all participants – no classes/levels.

  • USDAA rules and performance standards/jump heights apply. For USDAA rules please click here.

  • Faults then time scoring system












IRON DOG Dock Diving

  • Handler must send the dog to jump within one (1) minute of setting foot on the dock or forfeit his round.

  • Only the Chase method or Place and Send method may be used. Handler may NOT jump into the pool to call the dog to jump.


Chase method

Handlers place their dog in a sit stay where they want the dog to start from on the dock.

You can use this method even if your dog does not have a good sitstay as two handlers are allowed on the dock, and someone can hold the dog.

The handler then walks to the end of the dock, releases the dog, and throws the toy as the dog runs toward them.


The Place and Send Method

Handler walks the dog to the end of the dock, throws the toy out into the pool, and lets the dog mark it.

The handler walks the dog back to the beginning of the dock, makes sure the dog is focused on the toy, then releases the dog.


  • Only ball or toy may be used. No food allowed on the dock/pool area.

  • Each dog gets to go two (2)  rounds, best score will be recorded.


IRON DOG Frisbee – Bullseye competition

  • Bullseye tournament rules will be followed

  • Handler will have 90 seconds to score as many points possible using a maximum of 2 discs

  • Handler and dog must be within the throwing circle at start of time.

  • All throws must be made from within the throwing circle

  • Throws caught by the dog in mid-air get an additional 0.5 points

  • See Bullseye Field Layout at right.

IronDog Teacup Edition

An IronDog competition for teacup dogs will also be offered for dogs measuring 14 inches and below at the withers. Events will be in TEACUP AGILITY, SWIM RACE, and an 18-pole SUPERWEAVE RACE. Costumes are allowed and encouraged in the teacup events (Yay!) as long as they do not cause discomfort or undermine the dog's safety during competiton.


IRON DOG Teacup Agility

  • Features only one standard agility course for all participants – no classes.

  • USDAA rules and performance standards/Modified TDAA jump heights apply.

  • Faults then time scoring system

  • Competitors may wear costumes. No leashes allowed

  • No food or toy inside the ring.









IRON DOG Swim Race

  • Competitors will swim in pairs and timed from start to finish.

  • Competitors may wear a flotation device.

  • Toys may be used to encourage the dog to swim. Food is not allowed.


IRON DOG Superweave 18 teacup poles

  • Competitors will race singly through a set of 18 weave poles and timed from start to finish.

  • Teacup jumps will stand as start and finish lines.

  • Missed poles must be repeated from where the dog missed or will otherwise be cause for elimination.

  • Food or non-squeaking toy may be used to encourage the dog through the weave poles

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Bullseye Field Layout

Click to expand



The IronDog Challenge and the DOP Cup are OPEN TO ALL COMPETITORS regardless of club affiliation or membership. However, the IronDog title and DOP Cup titles are available only to PDAA registered dogs.


Any dog may be registered with PDAA at the event proper for P200. Pedigree or canine club registration papers are not required.


Registration with PDAA offers the benefit of participation in all PDAA titling events, discounted entry fees, and recording of the dog’s performance records in the PDAA database. Online application for PDAA dog registration can be found here.


All participating dogs must be a minimum age of one (1) year, in good health, with no aggression issues, and must present proof of updated vaccinations from a licensed vet. PDAA reserves the right to refuse entry to a dog that does not meet these minimum requirements.



IronDog Challenge

Points are collected when you compete in an event and place within the top 15 competitors of that event. The point system will be as follows:

1st Place -  100 pts

2nd Place - 80 pts

3rd Place - 70 pts.

4th Place - 60 pts.

5th Place - 55 pts.

6th Place - 50 pts

7th Place - 45 pts

8th Place - 40 pts.

9th Place - 35 pts.

10th Place - 30 pts.

11th Place - 25 pts

12th Place - 20 pts

13th Place - 15 pts.

14th Place - 10 pts.

15th Place - 5 pts.

The human dog tandem that accumulates the most points in all three events of the IronDog Challenge will be named IronDog for the year 2015 and wins the IronDog trophy. First and second runners-up will be awarded IronDog medals. First, second, and third placers in each of the individual events will be awarded medals.




The Donato O. Poblador Cup is offers four agility events - Jumpers, Standard, Gamblers and Team Relay Pairs. Category winners will receive first, second, and third place medals for their accomplishments in the Intro, Starters, Advanced, and Masters classes. Overall winners of each class, regardless of category, will receive the DOP trophy.


Qualifying scores (clean runs) will be recorded in PDAA books, and competitors will receive PDAA pins for every clean run. Dogs must be registered with PDAA in order to qualify.

Intro Class

The DOP Cup is also offering an Intro class in the Standard Agility event. The Intro program is designed to help new competitors and dogs get started in dog agility by measuring accomplishments in the early stages of training. Performance standards in the Intro program are based on USDAA's other classes with adjustments to equipment configuration and course times.


To be eligible to compete in the Intro class, dogs are required to be a minimum of one (1) year of age and must not have competed previously in a PDAA or non-PDAA competition. A dog that competes in the Intro class may not compete in the starters class for that event.


Title & Awards

For the DOP Cup this is a non-titling class but medals will be awarded 3 deep in the small, medium, and large dog categories.

Intro Class minimum obstacle requirements

  • 11 to 14 obstacles to be performed

  • Three contacts required - A-Frame, Table, and Seesaw

  • Obstacle settings:





Non-Members  P400 per dog, per event

PDAA Members P350 per dog, per event



Non-Members P350 per dog, per event

PDAA Members P300 per dog, per event


Intro Program

Non-Members  P250 per dog, per event

PDAA Members P200 per dog, per event



Registrations will only be accepted online at Deadline for registration will be midnight of May 28, 2015.


Payments will be made at the Welcome Dinner on May 29, 2015 at BetterDog Canine Behavior Center or at the registration table during the event proper.


Cancellations and last minute entries/changes in registration will only be accepted at the Welcome Dinner.


No changes, cancellations, additions, or walk-in entries will be entertained during the event proper.




All participants and officials of the PDAA affiliate clubs are invited to the Welcome Dinner on Friday, May 29, 2015 and the Awards Dinner on Sunday, May 31, 2015. Competitors, PDAA officers, and guests of honor are free of charge. Details will be announced later.


A competition brief will be given during the Welcome Dinner by the Supervising Judge. Any and all questions on the competition will be addressed.

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